There are times when I have a craving for Asian food,
and this quick entree fits the bill perfectly…

Servings: 4 to 6
Prep: 10 Mins.

Cook: 10 Mins.
8 oz’s (half a box) thin spaghetti noodles, cooked according to package directions
Pre-steam broccoli:
2 cups fresh broccoli florets, cut smaller
–(Pre-steam on high for 3 minutes in a covered microwave-able bowl with 2 TBs water)
2 tablespoons Mazola oil
2 cups pre-steamed (above) broccoli florets, drain water beforehand
1 small yellow onion, julienned
1/2 red bell pepper, julienned
1/2 orange bell pepper, julienned
1/2 teaspoon garlic powder
1/4 teaspoon red pepper flakes
–2 green onions, white and green parts sliced on the diagonal (added last)
1/3 cup low-sodium soy sauce
1 tablespoon dark brown sugar
1 teaspoon ground ginger
1 tablespoon rice vinegar (unseasoned)
1/4 teaspoon sesame oil
3/4 cup low-sodium beef broth
1 TB roughly chopped fresh cilantro
Prep all stir-fry ingredients, including pre-steaming broccoli in microwave, and mixing the sauce in a small bowl, prior to making stir-fry; set all aside.
Begin cooking noodles, according to package directions.
Heat a large stainless steel skillet over medium-high heat; add oil. When hot, stir-fry pre-steamed broccoli, onion, bell peppers, garlic powder, and red pepper flakes for 7-9 minutes until broccoli is crisp-tender. Stir in sliced green onions.
Whisk the sauce, then add to the skillet. Cook, while stir-frying for 2 minutes.  Add hot noodles to the skillet, toss, using tongs, to combine.
Transfer stir-fry to a serving platter, garnish with fresh cilantro and serve family style. ~ Enjoy!